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Our Story

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At Pretty Girls Churros, we're all about creating moments of delight one churro at a time.

Our commitment is to provide the utmost customer service while introducing an unforgettable churro experience. We offer a range of delectable churros, freshly made and served from our custom-built cart. Whether it's a birthday bash, wedding, or festival, our expert churro team brings the magic, ensuring that every bite is a trip to flavor paradise.

Dive into the world of Pretty Girls Churros and experience the epitome of sweet indulgence!

Meet Venetta P.

The world of events taught Venetta the importance of punctuality, presentation, and taste. After a challenging experience with a vendor during a Quinceañera event, she realized the need for reliability and top-tier service in the event dessert sector. This sparked her passion to create Pretty Girls Churros. Her mission? To gift clients with the most memorable churro experience they've ever had!

Venetta embarked on a meticulous journey, researching the perfect churro blend, ensuring consistency, crunch, and flavor. Collaborating with artisanal suppliers and craftsmen, she fashioned a custom churro cart - a blend of functionality and visual delight, ensuring her creations are not just treats but a centerpiece of attraction.

Owner of Pretty Girls Churros

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Pretty Girls Churros stands as a testament to Venetta's vision: unparalleled service and irresistible churros. Through her dedication and zest, she's sculpted an offering that not only tantalizes taste buds but also etches joyous memories.

With our distinctive cart and myriad of flavors, Pretty Girls Churros is the golden touch your event needs, promising an experience that's as delightful as it is unforgettable!

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